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Aldi and Apple Pay – The Secret you Didn’t Know

If you love contactless payments and not worrying about whether you have cash or your credit cards, you probably wonder, does Aldi take Apple Pay?

If they do, it would be the best of both worlds. Aldi is one of the least expensive grocery stores, yet they have many products you won’t find at other grocery stores.

They’ve expanded their options in the last few years, but do they take Apple Pay?

Many stores, like Aldi, don’t make it obvious whether they accept Apple Pay, so here’s what we found out.

Does Aldi Take Apple Pay?

Here’s the good news – YES, Aldi takes Apple Pay. You might not see signs throughout the store, but they keep their marketing to a minimum; that’s how we get to pay such low prices.

However, when you head to the register to pay, you can whip out your phone, use your favorite contactless payment method, and not worry about your wallet.

It might surprise you that they’ve been accepting Apple Pay since 2017! They did so to increase their customer base. After all, over 80% of consumers use contactless payments, so it was a smart move on their part!

Reasons to Use Apple Pay at Aldi

If you aren’t a contactless payment user, you might wonder about all the hype. Here are the benefits of using Apple Pay at Aldi and why you might want to change your mind.

  • It’s more convenient. Have you ever left the house without your wallet only to find out after shopping? With Apple Pay, you have your payment method as long as you have your phone.
  • It’s secure. Apple nor the servers store your payment information. So there isn’t a higher risk of identity theft or someone stealing your payment information. In fact, it’s even more secure because no one can see your credit card numbers.
  • It’s cleaner. You don’t have to touch a card machine or hand cash to a cashier. Instead, you wave your phone over the reader, completely contactless.
  • You don’t have to enter any information. Even entering a PIN or zip code into a machine could be risky if anyone around is lurking. There isn’t any risk of information leaks with Apple Pay.

Paying with Apple Pay at Aldi – A How to Guide

It’s easy to use Apple Pay at Aldi.

First, register your credit or debit card in your Apple Wallet. When you’re ready to check out, open your Apple Wallet, and log in with your credentials. You can have it set up with face recognition or a PIN.

After you log in, hold the face over the NFC reader. First, you’ll hear a beep when the payment goes through. Next, you’ll see a confirmation on your phone, and of course, you’ll receive a receipt from the cashier.

The transaction stays in your Apple Wallet if you need to reference it later, and the money comes from your checking account with a debit card or is charged to your credit card account with a credit card.

Using your Apple Watch to Pay at Aldi

If you have an Apple Watch, you can use it to pay at Aldi. First, double-click the watch’s button and choose the card you’re using. Then, hold the watch near the reader. When you hear a beep, the payment went through, and you’ll receive a receipt.

You can access the transaction in your Apple Wallet on your phone later if you want to confirm it.

Earn 3% Cashback Using Apple Pay at Aldi

Want to make using Apple Pay at Aldi even sweeter?

You can earn 3% cash back on purchases if you pay with your Apple Pay card. This makes shopping at Aldi even cheaper!

There aren’t any limits on how much money you can receive back. This means each time you shop at Aldi and use your Apple Cash card, you earn 3% of your purchase back. Since Aldi doesn’t take coupons, this is a great way to save even more money.

Alternatives to Apple Pay at Aldi

Aldi offers many other methods of payment, including:

Of course, they always accept cash payments too.

Can you Use Apple Pay for Aldi Delivery?

Aldi uses Instacart for its delivery service, and they also accept Apple Pay. To use Apple Pay on Instacart, you must order on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer. You can start the order through Aldi or the Instacart website.

Final Thoughts

Paying with Apple Pay at Aldi makes a lot of sense. Not only is it secure and faster, but it can also save you money. You don’t have to worry about taking your wallet out and losing it, and you’ll earn 3% cash back each time you shop at Aldi if you use your Apple Cash card.


Do all Aldi stores accept Apple Pay?

Yes, all 2,100 Aldi stores in the United States accept Apple Pay.

Are there any fees for using Apple Pay at Aldi?

No, there aren’t any fees for using Apple Pay at Aldi.

Does Aldi take PayPal?

Aldi takes all forms of mobile payments; however, Apple Pay doesn’t accept PayPal, so you can’t pay with PayPal at Aldi if you have an iPhone.

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