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List Of Online Stores That Accept Apple Pay

Global payment services didn’t start and end with the launch, growth, and full establishment of the likes of Skrill, PayPal, and Payoneer.

Even Apple, an independent tech giant known for its iOS devices created a payment solution, one that has grown to become the best thing that ever happened to iPhone users.

In addition to managing gift cards boarding passes, and movie tickets, Apple Pay also offers high reward credit card options across the board. And given that the service implements an anonymous, single-use token, you have a 100% guarantee that your credit card information is always safe.

Popular Online Stores Currently Accept Apple Pay?

2Fishing Tackle and BaitFishing gear
3Veronica BeardClothing, Accessories
5H&MClothing, Shoes, Jewelry, Sunglasses
6ASOSClothing, Accessories, Shoes, Sunglasses
7Allison IzuClothing
8ReebokSports clothing, Clothing, Shoes
9PumaShoes, Clothing
12Secret SalesJewelry
13OBJKTS JewelryJewelry
14MJ DiamondsJewelry
15Jessica SimpsonJewelry
16Frost NYCJewelry
17Emma Parker DiamondsJewelry
18David YurmanJewelry, Watches
19The InsideFurniture
20House of blingFurniture
21Design MilkFurniture, Home Decor
22CB FurnitureFurniture
23PC RichardComputers, Laptops, Electronics, TV's
24DailysaleElectronics, Laptops, Computers, TVs
25Forever21Clothing, Shoes
26WayfairFurniture, Home decor, Kitchen appliances
27BH Photo VideoCamera, Cell phones, Computers, Tablets, TV's, Laptops
29NeweggComputers, Laptops
30Sofft ShoesShoes, Clothing
31BillabongShoes, Clothing
32JD SportsShoes, Men's & Women's clothing
33Urban outfittersMen's & Women's clothing, Shoes, Jewelry
34AnthropologieClothing, Accessories, Home decor, Furniture
35I Saw It FirstClothing, Jewelry, Shoes, Glasses
36Represent ClothingClothing, Shoes, Glasses, Jewelry
37Rascal ClothingClothing

Categories of stores where you can pay with Apple Pay:

But what is Apple Pay exactly, how does it work, and what stores allow you to make payments through the service.

What is Apple Pay?

To put it in the simplest definition possible, Apple Pay is a digital payment service built to make it easier for you to buy any product online and in-store.

Unlike Google Pay, Ape Pay is only available for iOS users and features a well-built and secure web interface and a mobile application for iPhones and iPads.

With its Apple Cash feature, you can use the Apple Pay solution to not only pay for products and services but also maintain your funds.

And as if that isn’t good enough, Apple has so far gone a step further to add the Apple Card credit card, which is a high reward card that makes the whole Apple Pay eco-system more convenient and rewarding to use.

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How Does Apple Pay Work?

Apple Pay comes pre-installed on iPhone 6 or later as part of the wallet app.

To use the service, you will need to set a passcode, a Touch ID, or Face ID if you own an iPhone X. You then have to add a new card to the app by snapping the front of the card, and providing the required security details.

And that’s it.

You can start using Apple Pay to make payments for purchases of goods and services.


One thing that really stands out about Apple Pay is guaranteed financial security. In addition to your Touch or Face ID, Apple replaces your reap card data with anonymous digital tokens. So every time you make a purchase for products and services, sellers will get your anonymous data instead of your actual credit card information.