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List of Online Stores that Accept Bitcoin as Payment Method

While the crypto market boasts of a number of promising digital currencies such as Ethereum, Binance Coin, Dogecoin, and Stellar, Bitcoin still holds an upper hand and is apparently the largest, well-known, and most talked about digital currency. 

Given how valuable Bitcoin has become in the digital payment spaces, some online stores now accept payments in Bitcoin in addition to other payment options such as cash and gift card redemptions.

To be clear, credit and debit cards are still quite valuable. Perhaps as Bitcoin becomes popular worldwide, people may use them less to make online payments. But until that time comes, let’s show you some online stores that currently accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

Categories of stores where you can pay with Bitcoin:

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that’s 100% virtual, an online version of cash that you can use to buy products and services online. This digital currency hasn’t become a global thing yet. But given the growing influence of Cryptocurrency, there’s a high chance that Bitcoin will become such a big hit worldwide.

Understand that the physical Bitcoin seen in photos is nothing more than a novelty. The currency is virtual and often requires a private code to be worth its value. In other words, each coin is a computer file stored in an online wallet app on a computer or smartphone. Someone can send you the coin directly to your digital wallet and you, too, can transact with other people.

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How Does Bitcoin Work?

You’ll need to install a Bitcoin wallet on your smartphone or computer to generate a Bitcoin address, which you can disclose to anyone for payments, used just once. 

The Bitcoin network relies on a clock chain. It’s a public list with all the confirmed transactions, which allows the wallets to verify transactions spenders can do. The blockchain makes it possible to track Bitcoin transaction history and easily keep people from spending coins they don’t actually own.

Stores That Accept Payments in Bitcoins

The following is a list of the major online companies (or stores) that currently accept Bitcoin:


Up until this time, only a few companies do accept Bitcoin as a payment option. However, it’s likely that the number of companies that accept this as a payment option will go even higher as the digital currency continues to grow in popularity.