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List of Stores That Accept Acceptance NOW To BNPL

Acceptance Now is now Acima.

Have you ever wanted to shop for high-end products such as home appliances, furniture pieces, and electronics but had to reschedule your purchase to a later date because the goods were so expensive?

Many of us do. But it doesn’t have to be that way because buy now and pay later programs now give you the financing option to shop online and make payments at your own terms.

Acceptance Now is one of the online payment solutions that give you the freedom and the flexibility to own products right away as if you had paid for them in full at checkout.

What Is Acceptance Now?

As a digital payment solution, Acceptance Now empowers you with the ability to do shopping online even if you don’t have enough money to spend. Ideally, it collaborates with dozens of online stores that deal in electronics, furniture, home appliances, and other categories of products to give you a flexible payment plan that you can l easily keep up with.

As a brand that understands that customers face difficulties sometimes with finances and online shopping, Acceptance Now doesn’t do a hard credit check. That means they have a higher acceptance rate, and they offer customers flexible payment plans to complete their purchases with ease.

How Does Acceptance Now Work?

As you already know, lease-to-own financing options are in business to give you a payment plan that you can use to own products that you otherwise wouldn’t. By putting your needs within easy reach, Acceptance Now ensures you get what you need without ever bothering about checking your credit score.

Currently, Acceptance Now offers a limit of up to $4,000 in merchandise, which is good to get you started with shopping for the things you need but don’ currently have the cash to buy.

Because it partners with many popular brands that deals in different categories of products, from home appliances and furniture to electronics and power tools, Acceptance Now just might be the financing option you need to lease-to-buy products that you really need right now.

List of Online Stores That Accept Acceptance Now


With Acceptance Now, how long it takes to make your monthly payment will depend on the size of your order. You will get a representative to help you understand your own options as well as the payment schedule.

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Buy Now Pay Later, Lease to own, Rent to own, No Credit Check, Instant Approval
You can get approval for up to $3,500 to purchase desired products from top retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart, and over 200 others, catering to your shopping needs with ease and flexibility.

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