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Buy Digital Camera Now, Pay Later

We've put together a comprehensive list of online stores where we can buy the latest Compact Cameras, Zoom compact cameras, Advanced Compact Cameras. We have also made sure you can find Adventure Cameras and the always popular DSLR Camera.

We've also found online stores with all of the biggest brands, including Sony, Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Panasonic, Olympus, Leica, GoPro.

List of shops that will accept when buying camera online

Access to digital cameras has increased, either as part of a smartphone or a standalone device. Appreciatively, innovation and technology have brought cameras that are easier to use for anyone.

However, standalone digital cameras come with many features such as clear photos, practical zoom functionality and massive storage.

But professional digital cameras that capture beautiful moments are not cheap, and you may need financing to purchase them comfortably.

Here is where you can buy digital cameras now and pay later.


When you need a drone-mounted camera, DSLR, dashcams, camcorders, or even underwater cameras, Flexshopper is your one-stop shop.

The e-store has a flexible lease-to-own plan for cameras and other equipment such as fitness equipment, television, computers, smartphones, and audio equipment.

To be eligible, shoppers must:

  • Have a steady income
  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Possess a bank account that has been operational for at least 90 days

However, FlexShopper does not require a credit check and will not report missed payments to the credit reference bureaus.


Use Fingerhut Credit to take home brand-name compact digital, DSLR, dashcams, camcorders and waterproof cameras. And the good thing is that you can pay later in easy installments.

Their financing has late fees of up to $39 and requires a credit check to get approved.


The store has name-brand cameras you can access through pay now, pay later.

The financing is interest-free and easily accessible when purchasing a mirrorless, instant, DSLR, dashcam or waterproof camera.

While Zebit does not require a credit check, it will determine your creditworthiness through alternate consumer reporting agencies. They'll also need to validate your employment or income.


The store offers lease-to-own plans for electronics, musical instruments, tools, appliances and fitness equipment.

Leaseville has compact digital, mirrorless camcorders, DSLR and instant cameras that you can take home through BNPL.

However, applicants must:

  • Have an active checking account
  • Earn at least $1,200 per month

Leaseville does not require a credit check, and the facility is available free of interest and fees.


Use Amazon Prime Rewards Visa card or Amazon Prime Store Card to buy a digital camera and pay later.

The online store has various cameras, such as mirrorless, dash cams, DSLR, instant hunting, spy cameras and associated accessories.

However, a credit check is necessary, and late fees of up to $38 are applicable. Check online for the applicable APR.


For a waterproof, compact digital or even DSLR, Perpay stocks various top brands you can choose from, and these are also available through buy now pay later.

Their payment plans are interest-free, but there are a few requirements to qualify. These are:

  • You must have an active mobile number
  • Show proof of employment
  • Have an annual income of at least $15,000
  • Be in good financial standing

While the installments are interest-free, Perpay charges a fee of $35 for halting or minimizing the amounts you should pay.


Adorama stocks drone-mounted cameras, DSLR, medium format, compact digital, mirrorless and camcorders, among others you can choose from.

You can use FlexShopper's lease-to-own or Adorama's store credit card financing. FlexShopper is a 90-day program where you pay later the same amount as you'd have with cash.

Holders of the Adorama Credit Card can leverage interest-free purchases if they pay within 6, 12, 24, or 48 months based on the promotion.

Adorama Credit Card financing will require a credit check, while Flexshopper will not.

Best Buy

The popular store has various types of cameras you can buy now and pay later. They stock compact digital, DSLR, instant, mirrorless and other camera accessories.

The Best Buy Credit Card financing requires a credit check and carries late fees of $39.

Take Your Camera Home Today and Pay Later

A camera has a vital role in our lives, whether it's in business or to maintain a healthy social life. As such, good quality camera is an asset that helps preserve your most precious memories.

Digital cameras are a significant investment for most people, and cash at hand may not always be available. Take advantage of the various ways to finance a camera purchase, but be careful not to impulse buy. Make sure that you need the camera, and it's within your budget.

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