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List of Online Stores That Accept Care Credit to BNPL

Care Credit has been at the forefront to improve the healthcare system for well over three decades. By giving patients an option to pay for healthcare and medical bills, from high deductibles to elective procedures, Care Credit helps to cater for expenses that would be otherwise impossible because of low or lack of funds.

While the primary mission of Care Credit is to help you cover healthcare and medical bills, you can also use the issued credit card to make payments online at accepted stores. For example, Bowflex accepts Care Credit cards for paying for fitness equipment with which they give you a special financing plan that allows you to make your payments in up to 18 months.

What is Care Credit? 

Starting in 1987, Care Credit is a medical payment solution that helps patients pay for medical procedures that insurance companies won’t cover. Issued by Synchrony, and available in over 240,000 locations in the Care Credit network, this service lets you pay for dental care, vision and hearing services, cosmetic surgery, dermatology, and veterinary care.

In addition to medical care coverage, Care Credit collaborates with a number of online stores in the health and fitness space, all of which allow you to use the card to buy products and then make payments in equal installments for a period of a year and a half.

As a Care Credit cardholder, you enjoy an interest-free payment plan provided you make your payments in full within 6 months on any purchase valued at $200 or more.

How Does Care Credit Work?

Care Credit performs credit checks to determine whether you qualify for their services. Due to the robustness of their technology, you will receive an instant credit decision to know if you’re eligible. So in addition to being at least 18 years old to apply, you need to make sure you have a good or excellent credit record.

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Online Stores Where You Can Pay With Your Care Credit Card

The following is a list of the online stores that allow you to make payments for fitness equipment and pet products using Care Credit:


Understand that how much financing you can get from Care Credit depends on your credit history. As at present, the minimum purchase on the card is $200. You can improve your credit score over time and grow your limit to a maximum of $25,000. 

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Payment methods:

Buy Now Pay Later, Lease to own, Rent to own, No Credit Check, Instant Approval
You can get approval for up to $3,500 to purchase desired products from top retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart, and over 200 others, catering to your shopping needs with ease and flexibility.

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