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Buy Fitness Equipment Now, Pay Late

Health and wellness is the new fad in town, and keeping lean is at the top of things to do.

While you can join a gym, buying your own fitness equipment makes it easier and more fun.

Indeed, your home could do with an elliptical machine, weights, treadmills, fitness trackers, and stretching equipment to take your fitness to the next level.

The only challenge is that fitness equipment usually comes with a sticker shocker.

But with buy now pay later, you can easily afford the exercise machines without any strain on your budget. Why wait when you can buy the treadmill today and pay the amount in easy installments?

Stores Where You Can Buy Fitness Equipment Now and Pay Later


Whether you’re a service member, athlete, a cross-trainer, or even a runner, TRX Training® has fitness training bundles to take home and pay later.

Pick Affirm at the checkout for more accessible financing.

Luther Sales

Their buy now, pay later financing program funds your purchase of high-quality name-brand fitness equipment.

Luther Sales doesn’t require a squeaky clean credit score to qualify, and the application process only takes three minutes. But there’s more.

You get quick approval, budget-friendly payments, installments of up to 36 months, and zero setup and membership fees.


When you need to install an elliptical or any other fitness equipment at home, this store is your one-stop-shop.

Choose from a wide variety and start becoming the lean and confident person you should be.

The fitness equipment store offers up to 18 months of interest-free deferred payment. Apply for the financing at the checkout, and take your equipment home.

Expert Fitness

A payment option from Klarna makes it easier for you to acquire fitness equipment from this store. You pay in four monthly interest-free installments, charged every two weeks from your card.

The store makes it easier to acquire the fitness equipment you desire, and it’s minus fees and other additional costs. There is no reason not to finally own that machine to firm your muscles and improve stamina.

Pick the option to pay in four monthly installments at the checkout and input your card information.

Klarna also provides the option to pay within 30 days. Just fill out a simple application and wait for shipping. Typically, the 30-day countdown starts when you receive your order.

That means you have sufficient time to try out the elliptical and decide if it’s what you want.

Enjoy the ease of paying through the app or online.

The Axle

Their Olympic barbell has a comfortable roll, and their fitness classes are affordable. Use Affirm at the checkout and pay the amount in installments.

Fit Track

Fitness trackers play a crucial role in your overall fitness exercises and health.

Fit Track has a wide range of tools to keep fitness levels reasonable and help attain fitness objectives. Their products include a fitness app, watch, and smart scales, all intricately designed to help you in your fitness journey.

Fit Track makes it easy to acquire their products by accepting deferred payments in four installments through Afterpay.

Sparks Fitness

With several financing options to pick from, the sports equipment store makes it much easier to acquire what you need to set up a home gym.

The financing has 0% interest, and the approval is within minutes.

Bad credit? No problem. Sparks Fitness doesn’t require a credit check to qualify for facilities such as treadmill financing.

Apply the financing in person at the store or conveniently online.

Mirror. co

The fitness store works with Affirm to provide financing for equipment you usually see at the gym. Payments are easy, and they can be between 12 and 48 months, depending on credit approval.

Get the fitness products you need, from accessories, vitamins, trackers, and supplements under one roof.

With the 4+ Easy Pays program, you can buy the products now and pay monthly using your credit card.

Horizon Fitness

Acquire some of the best fitness equipment without the burden of weighty subscriptions.

Financing options available, offered through the Horizon Financing program, are convenient, with monthly payments that easily slot into your budget.

The application process is quick and easy, and you can get started right away. Horizon also partners with Affirm for high-cost purchases. 

Power Systems

The store has been in the industry since 1986 and has excellent traction to provide the best gym equipment to keep your fitness levels up.

Pick from a wide range of professional-grade stability balls, dumbbells, versa tubes, and medicine balls, among other equipment.

Deferred payment is available through PayPal Credit and Amazon payment.


This online store sells fitness equipment to help you in your journey to lose weight.

Deferred payment through PayPal Credit is available, and you are not charged interest and fees as long as you pay on the agreed dates.

Why You Should Install a Home Gym

The Freedom to Exercise Whenever You Want

With a home gym, the stress of waiting in line to use a particular machine disappears. You exercise at your own time. 

You no longer have to engage in time-wasting activities such as packing and unpacking the gym bag and waiting for your turn to use the barbells.

Having the equipment at home makes it easier to slot in the workout in your schedule. It allows you the freedom of multitasking and getting things done simultaneously.

For example, you can watch your favorite show on TV or listen to an important podcast as you exercise. You can also use the treadmill before you hop into the shower and a few weights when you get home from work.


Some people can feel nervous and intimidated at the public gym.

But with a home gym, you’ll no longer have to worry about what other people think. You can lift the weights or use the exercise bike without shifting your focus to others.

Maintain a Fitness Routine

The recommended exercise routine per week is two and half hours of moderate exercises, spread out. But not many get to achieve that, primarily because of their busy schedule.

Passing by the local gym on your way home is not easy to do consistently, especially with all the hassles involved, such as finding a parking spot. It is, therefore, an uphill task to stick to a fitness routine.

But with a home gym, you can exercise all the time, and fulfilling the recommended minimum exercise time becomes more effortless.


With fitness equipment at home, you’ll no longer need to worry about a dress code or if you are doing it the right way. You are in your personal space, and no one rushes you.

No need to worry about poor weather and how you’ll get home.

You’re already home. 

You can also adjust the air conditioner to your preference and tune your favorite music to make the environment comfy.

Get Fitness Equipment for Your Home

Buying your own fitness equipment has its advantages. You enjoy the privacy and comfort of your own home, and you can maintain a schedule.

Buy now, pay later fulfills your dream of installing a personal gym at home. However, make sure you pick the right plan that doesn’t disrupt your budget.

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