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Buy Golf Clubs Now, Pay Later

A good game of golf is as good as the golf clubs you use, and it’s therefore difficult to enjoy the game with low-quality equipment.

Certainly, having good quality clubs and other golf equipment is essential whether you're a pro or a budding golfer. A game of golf is enjoyable when it is competitive, and that means you need golf clubs with good forgiveness and shots based on skills.

Golf clubs are expensive, and saving for them is not easy, especially with a tight budget.

But buy now, pay later, makes it easier to own a good set of clubs and stay within the budget.

Here are the golf stores that accept BNPL.


Callaway is a top golf club and balls brand, and they have some of the best products to improve your game of golf and be competitive.

The brand makes it easier for you by partnering with Affirm to split the payment into 3, 6 or 12 months.

The application process is swift and easy, and the eligibility check will not affect your credit score. In addition, the financing doesn't have any hidden costs or fees.

Keep in mind:

  • There's a check for eligibility
  • The APR rate is based on credit
  • Payment options are based on the amount of purchase
  • Installments can either be 3, 6 or 12 months

PGA Tour Superstore

Purchase the latest golf equipment at PGA Tour Superstore, and head out to show off your best game.

You can also use BNPL because the store partners with Zip to break down the total purchase amount into four intervals of two weeks.

Select Zip at the checkout and pay the installments on time. But you can still link the payments to your credit card for automatic payments. If not, you'll still get regular reminders of payments that are coming up.

Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company

The company accepts deferred payment for golf clubs through Klarna.

The company's founder, Ben Hogan, was a true golf champion as he won various golf tournaments. He dreamed that everyone should have a better golf club buying experience, which is what the company seeks to achieve.

Ben Hogan only sells directly to customers, eliminating go-betweens and lowering prices. That means you get tournament quality products at a reasonable price.

The klarna financing goes further to make it easier on your budget, and you don’t have to struggle saving.

The buying process is easy:

  • Add your Ben Hogan products to the cart
  • Choose klarna at the checkout
  • Place the order and finalize

Rock Bottom Golf

The golf store has a wide variety of golf gear, from golf clubs to golf bags, balls, shoes and other accessories you need for your next game of golf.

Rock Bottom Golf uses Affirm for deferred payment, with rates ranging from 0% to 30% APR. The monthly payments begin at three months and can extend to 12 months.

The application process is swift and effortless and is often done within minutes. However, the check will not affect your credit score.

Remember that payment options are based on the purchase amount, and down payment may be necessary.

Dicks Sporting Goods

You'll find brands such as Titleist and Taylor Made at Dicks Sporting Goods, and what's more, you can use BNPL through Afterpay.

You no longer have to wait until you've saved enough to buy good quality golf clubs to up your game.

OptiShot Golf

When you want to avoid the embarrassment of making the wrong shots, you can perfect your shot through practice by using golf simulation software.

OptiShot provides this software on BNPL terms through Bread Financing.

Based on qualifying factors, bread financing has more payment options than other BNPL options. You can set up automatic payments or even prepay the amount without penalties.

The soft credit check by Bread does not affect your credit score. Bread does not report to credit bureaus, so your score remains intact.

Fairway Golf

Fairway Golf accepts PayPal Credit for deferred payment.

The store has a wide variety of golf clubs from top brands such as Cobra and clubs with custom shafts, shoes, bags and balls. Everything golf is under one umbrella.

You need to make a deposit, and there's no interest on the golf equipment purchased as long as you pay in full within 6 or 9 months.

Get Your Favorite Golf Clubs Today and Pay Later

A game of golf only becomes interesting when it's competitive. But it is only competitive when you have the right golf clubs and equipment.

Buy now, pay later make it so easier to buy premium or good quality golf clubs that support your game, and help you grow. You may need to consult a golf club expert to determine which clubs best fit your game.

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