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List of Online Stores That Accept PayPal Credit for BNPL

If you’ve never heard of PayPal, you need to know that this digital, reusable credit line allows you to easily set up an account to make safer and quicker purchases. This online mode of payment can be added to your laptop, computer, smartphone, or even iPad; all you need to do is sign up, link your card and pay for all your favorite products. 

In recent times, more and more retailers and companies are moving on the PayPal bandwagon since it’s easier, quicker, and safer for both the retailer and the customer. Plus, it can be used for international and multi-currency accounts so that you can save on foreign spending and transaction fees. Here’s how it works.

Applying for PayPal Credit 

When it comes to applying for PayPal Credit, the process is pretty simple and can be done in a matter of minutes. Once you log in to your PayPal account and click on apply for credit, they will ask you for your details, income, and other details. Enter and check everything before clicking on confirm, and in just a couple of minutes, PayPal will check your credit score. If your score is high, you can have a credit limit set in line for you and can instantly shop with your PayPal credit card

Where can you use your PayPal Credit?

1Bensons for BedsBeds, Pillows & Blankets
2Eve SleepBeds, Pillows & Blankets
3Simba SleepBeds, Pillows & Blankets
4Better World BooksBooks, Entertainment
5Ann SummersClothes & Fashion
6BodenClothes & Fashion
7Boohoo MANClothes & Fashion
8Boux AvenueClothes & Fashion
9Cath KidstonClothes & Fashion
10Charles TyrwhittClothes & Fashion
11Circle FashionClothes & Fashion
12Claire'sClothes & Fashion
13ClarksClothes & Fashion
14Fat FaceClothes & Fashion
15In The StyleClothes & Fashion
16JoulesClothes & Fashion
17Little MistressClothes & Fashion
18Nasty GalClothes & Fashion
19New LookClothes & Fashion
20OfficeClothes & Fashion
21PrettyLittleThingClothes & Fashion
22River IslandClothes & Fashion
23SchuhClothes & Fashion
24Ted BakerClothes & Fashion & Fashion
26AcerComputers, Laptops, Monitors
27ArgosDepartment store
28BonanzaDepartment store
29House of FraserDepartment store
30John Lewis & PartnersDepartment store
31Balance MealsFoods
32Chocolate Trading CoFoods
33Beer HawkFoods & Drinks
34IcelandFoods & Drinks
35Create and CraftHobby & Crafts
36HobbycraftHobby & Crafts
37Appliances DirectHome & Garden
38B&QHome & Garden
39Bedeck HomeHome & Garden
40Candles DirectHome & Garden
41Charles TyrwhittHome & Garden
42Choice Furniture SuperstoreHome & Garden
43DunelmHome & Garden
44DysonHome & Garden
45PlumbworldHome & Garden
46Scotts of StowHome & Garden
47ArgentoJewelry & Fashion
48AccessorizeJewelry, Clothes & Fashion
49Baker RossKids Toys, Crafts, Party Supplies
50Laptops DirectLaptops, Tablets, Cell phones
51allbeautyMakeup, Perfume & Skincare
52Aurelia SkincareMakeup, Perfume & Skincare
53Beauty BayMakeup, Perfume & Skincare
54Beauty ExpertMakeup, Perfume & Skincare
55Beauty WorksMakeup, Perfume & Skincare
56Benefit CosmeticsMakeup, Perfume & Skincare
57BootsMakeup, Perfume & Skincare
58Claire'sMakeup, Perfume & Skincare
59ESPAMakeup, Perfume & Skincare
60EyekoMakeup, Perfume & Skincare
61FeeluniqueMakeup, Perfume & Skincare
62Fragrance DirectMakeup, Perfume & Skincare
63Latest in BeautyMakeup, Perfume & Skincare
64MuglerMakeup, Perfume & Skincare
65Perfume ClickMakeup, Perfume & Skincare
66BlacksOutdoor gear, Clothes
67CurrysRetailer & Foods
68Ideal WorldRetailer & Foods
69BoseSpeakers & Headphones
70AdidasSport & Clothes
71American GolfSport & Clothes
72Bodybuilding UKTraining equipment, supplements & Clothes
73GymsharkTraining equipment, supplements & Clothes
74SamsungTVs, Laptops, Computers, Monitors, Cell phones, Tablets

If you’re wondering where to use your PayPal Credit, you’ll be glad to know that millions of stores around the world accept this form of payment and allows you to shop and pay with just a couple of clicks.

  • If you’re using PayPal Credit in a store…

Keep in mind that while this payment is widely accepted online, only a couple of stores will accept this payment method. Most big retailers and super stores will have PayPal, but when it comes to the smaller stores, you may not find it as common, so always research before heading out. 

  • If you’re using PayPal Credit online…

Now, if you’re using your PayPal Credit online, it’s super easy, quick, and simple. Since most big and small stores take PayPal, all you need to do is add your desired products to your cart, pick PayPal as the preferred payment method, and pay using PayPal Credit. Just remember that PayPal Credit isn’t free. Depending on its usage, you may be charged some fees. Always check the terms and rules before signing up. 

Which stores take PayPal Credit as a payment option?

Many businesses, stores, and retailers accept PayPal Credit as a payment module online in fashion, travel, entertainment, lifestyle, medicine, education, and more. All you need to do is choose this option while checking out or even scan the QR code at certain offline stores and use PayPal Credit to make the payment. 

Reasons to use PayPal Credit

PayPal is used by over four million users worldwide, and be it on a website, smartphone, marketplace, or on social, it’s an easy and quick way to make and accept payments securely. Besides helping you with everything you need to run a business or streamline your daily tasks, here are some more advantages that PayPal offers. 

PayPal Credit allows you to easily and quickly shop online without entering your card details. Once you have signed up and made an account, you can use this portal to send and receive money to friends and family, pay for all your subscriptions, and do online shopping. Just check if the store takes PayPal, especially if you use it at a physical store. 

More UK BNPL Methods: Clearpay & LayBuy

How PayPal Credit is designed with your needs in mind

When making purchases online or offline, PayPal Credit is quite handy and allows you to easily take care of all your bills, payments, and monthly shopping. This line of payment is ideal if you are looking for a quick and easy way to keep track of, pay, and maintain your bills and fees online – just ensure that you don’t fall behind on your payments, as late fees can gather quickly. 

Sending payments to your friends and family is also quite simple, and you don’t need to go through the hassle of bank transfers. They also have all their rules and legalities, so you can easily check the charges if you send money overseas. 

Check Out Faster and Safer with Paypal Credit

PayPal has taken the world by storm, and PayPal Credit is worth considering if you are looking for a simple and quick way to make online payments. It comes with a low risk owing to the size of the limited credit limit, and along with excellent customer support and easy navigation, you can easily make an account and start your payment process.

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