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List of Stores That Accept Shop Pay

As the digital shopping realm continues to expand, consumers are seeking faster, more efficient, and secure ways to transact online. One standout solution that's gained traction is Shop Pay. But what exactly is Shop Pay, and how does it enhance your online shopping experience? Let's delve into it.

What is Shop Pay exactly?

Shop Pay is an accelerated checkout service offered by Shopify, a leading e-commerce platform. It allows online shoppers to save their shipping, billing, and payment information securely, enabling them to complete their purchases with just a click or a tap. The primary aim of Shop Pay is to streamline the online checkout process, reducing the time it takes to make a purchase and minimizing the chances of cart abandonment. It’s not just about speed, though. Shop Pay also places a strong emphasis on security, ensuring that users’ personal and financial data remains protected.

How does Shop Pay work?

  1. One-time Setup: The first time a shopper uses Shop Pay on any Shopify-powered store, they'll be prompted to enter their shipping, billing, and payment details. Once entered, this information is securely saved for future use across any online store that offers Shop Pay as a checkout option.
  2. Quick Checkout: On subsequent visits to any Shopify store, shoppers can select Shop Pay at checkout. They will then be prompted to confirm their purchase using a 6-digit verification code sent to their mobile number or by logging into their Shop Pay account. This swift process means no more filling out lengthy forms every time they shop.
  3. Track Orders and Carbon Offset: One additional perk of Shop Pay is its integrated order tracking system. Shoppers can easily monitor their orders and view their purchase history. Furthermore, all orders placed using Shop Pay are automatically carbon offset at no additional cost to the shopper.

How does Shop Pay's Buy Now Pay Later work?

Shop Pay, in its endeavor to make online shopping more flexible and financially manageable, provides the "Shop Pay Installments" option. This allows you to either pay the full amount at checkout or spread out the payment over time, offering versatility depending on your purchase amount.

  1. Bi-weekly Interest-free Payments:
    • Eligibility: This option is designed for orders ranging between 50 USD and 999.99 USD.
    • Payment Structure: You can divide your total purchase amount into four equal, bi-weekly installments. These payments are entirely interest-free.
    • Added Benefits: Opting for this payment method doesn't introduce any hidden charges, interest rates, or late fees. Moreover, your credit score remains unaffected when you use this option.
  2. Monthly Installment Payments:
    • Eligibility: Suitable for orders between 150 USD to 17,500 USD.
    • Payment Structure: You can fragment your purchase into a series of monthly payments.
    • Interest & Fees: While there are no late fees associated with this option, interest fees do apply. However, even though your initial application doesn't impact your credit score, any delayed payments might affect it.

After your initial payment at the time of checkout, the subsequent charges will be either bi-weekly or monthly based on your chosen installment method. Shop Pay ensures you stay informed with email reminders and, if applicable, SMS notifications ahead of each scheduled payment. Although it's not possible to adjust the default payment timeline, you can enable push notifications through the Shop app to keep track of due dates.

A noteworthy mention: Shop Pay Installments is a collaborative effort with Affirm. However, it's essential to note that this payment method might not be available across all stores.

List of popular online stores that accept Shop Pay

Shop NameDescription is an online business that offers the greatest customer items at the lowest possible prices, making them accessible to all
Dolls KillAn online boutique blending rebellious spirit with punk rock, goth, glam, and festival fashion.
SpanxAn American company offering undergarment shapewear and expanded fashion items.
Dr. SquatchNatural, hand-made soaps and personal care products for men.
Liquid I.V.Hydration multiplier products using Cellular Transport Technology.
NOBULLFootwear, apparel, and accessories for rigorous training.
Ka'ChavaPlant-based superfood meal shakes combining proteins, fibers, and superfoods.
Hello MollyA fashion destination offering trendy women's clothing and accessories.
GymsharkInnovative and effective performance wear for fitness enthusiasts.
Steve MaddenIconic brand known for fashionable footwear and accessories.
Fashion NovaTrend-forward fashion clothing for men and women.
SKIMSKim Kardashian's solution-driven brand for shapewear.
GlossierModern beauty products prioritizing skin care and make-up.
OOFOSFootwear known for their recovery technologies and comfort.
RuggableWashable, changeable rug systems.
AllbirdsSustainable footwear made from natural materials.
Alo YogaPremium yoga wear and accessories.
OlaplexHair care products focused on repairing and strengthening.
BombasComfortable socks and tees with a mission-driven purpose.
QuinceLuxury products without luxury markups, from fashion to home goods.
Beis TravelTravel essentials co-founded by Shay Mitchell.
NoodPremium, ethically-made pet food.
KnixIntimate apparel for women with a focus on comfort and function.
Bloom ChicAffordable women's fashion with a trendy edge.
HexCladHybrid cookware combining stainless steel and non-stick.
NailbooDIY nail dip kits and products.
LashifyLuxury at-home lash extension systems.
Pink LilyContemporary, stylish women's fashion and accessories.
BlendJetPortable, powerful blenders for on-the-go lifestyles.
Oh PollyExclusive fashion brand focused on women's party and occasion wear.
TecovasHandmade, high-quality Western boots and accessories.
HoneyloveSculptwear designed to enhance women's natural beauty.
Little SleepiesSoft, sustainable bamboo viscose sleepwear for families.
Rothy'sSustainable footwear made from recycled materials.
KizikHands-free sneakers with innovative design.

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