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List of Online Stores That Accept Zip Money to BNPL

Some products are so expensive that you can only afford to buy them in installments. For some people, layaway payment plans often suffices to get such products home. For others, BNPL often seems more convenient from the start. So if you’re looking for a buy now, pay later lender that offers customers a higher financial limit for expensive purchases, you might want to try Zip Money merchants.

What is Zip Money?

Zip Money is a financial service established to help you buy standard and expensive products at Zip merchants and pay later. The service has online and in-store partners and offers a flexible payment plan that you can easily manage.

In addition to giving you indirect loans for online and in-store purchases, you can use Zip Money to pay bills, buy gift cards, and do general shopping with the Tap to Pay feature.

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How Does Zip Money Work?

Zip Money provides you with the financing plan to buy what you need now and pay later in installments. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a standard or expensive product because Zip Money can help you cover the cost.

The business makes $3,000 available to you when you sign up, with the possibility of applying for a credit limit of not more than $30,000. Also, you won’t pay any interest for the first three months, and you can even stand a chance for a more interest-free period to make your repayments. Upon the expiration of the interest-free period, Zip Money will charge a flat rate of $19.90 on the outstanding balance.

To be abundantly clear, Zip Money doesn’t send money to your bank or credit card account. Instead, it pays the merchant directly on your behalf and deducts money from your bank account depending on your payment plan.  

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Online Stores That Accept Zip Money

Here are some of the popular stores that allow you to use Zip Money to buy products now and pay for them later:


Zip Money approves your application right away in real-time and then makes $3,000 available to you.

All your transactions are subject to three-month interest-free charges, and, if you’re lucky, you can get longer interest-free periods. Any outstanding balance will attract an interest of 19.9% per year.

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Payment methods:

Buy Now Pay Later, Lease to own, Rent to own, No Credit Check, Instant Approval
You can get approval for up to $3,500 to purchase desired products from top retailers like Amazon, Target, Walmart, and over 200 others, catering to your shopping needs with ease and flexibility.

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