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253 Brands That Will Send You Free Coupons by Mail: The Ultimate List

We all know that every penny counts, especially in today's fast-paced world where expenses seem never to end.

Now, imagine this: opening your mailbox, and instead of the usual bills and promotional flyers, you're greeted with free coupons by mail for your favorite brands.

Pretty sweet, huh?

In my years of navigating the finance maze, I've realized that these little paper gems can significantly lighten the load on our wallets.

Whether you're a seasoned coupon clipper or just dipping your toes in, there's a unique thrill in getting those free coupons by mail.

So, buckle up because I'm about to share the inside scoop on how to make this your everyday reality.

The Rise of Coupons by Mail

Alright, let's take a quick trip down memory lane. Remember the days when Sunday newspapers were the goldmine for coupons? Fast forward to today, and while digital deals are all the rage, there's a nostalgic and, dare I say, more personal touch with coupons by mail.

Brands have caught onto this. They've realized that sending coupons directly to your mailbox creates a connection, a sort of 'hey, we appreciate you' nod. It's not just about promoting their products; it's about building loyalty. And for us? It's like getting a mini-gift every time we check the mail. A win-win for everyone!

How to Request Coupons by Mail

You're probably thinking, "How do I get in on this free coupon action?" First off, don't be shy! Most brands love hearing from their fans. A simple email or letter expressing your love for their products can often lead to a lovely surprise in your mailbox.

Sign up for newsletters, join loyalty programs, or even shoot them a message on social media. Pro tip from yours truly: Be genuine in your approach. Brands can tell when you're just fishing for freebies. Remember, it's about building a relationship. Put in a little effort, and watch the savings roll in!

Brands That Send Free Coupons by Mail

Alright, the moment you've been waiting for!

I've scoured the market, chatted with insiders, and even done some detective work to curate this list for you.

These 253 brands aren't just any brands; they're companies that value their customers enough to send some coupon love straight to your doorstep. Whether you're into gourmet foods, everyday essentials, or a mix of everything, there's something here for everyone.

So, without further ado, here's the list. (And trust me, you'll want to bookmark this page or even print it out for easy reference!)

#Company NameCategory
1AbrevaPersonal Care
2AleveHealth & Wellness
3Alka SeltzerHealth & Wellness
4Angel SoftHousehold
5AnniesFood & Beverage
6Apple and EveFood & Beverage
7Arm and HammerHousehold
8AtkinsFood & Beverage
9Aunt JemimaFood & Beverage
10AveenoPersonal Care
11AquafreshPersonal Care
12BalanceHealth & Wellness
13BalmexPersonal Care
14BarbarasFood & Beverage
15Barber FoodsFood & Beverage
16BarillaFood & Beverage
17Bath & Body WorksPersonal Care
18Bear NakedFood & Beverage
19Beech-NutFood & Beverage
20BenadrylHealth & Wellness
21BertolliFood & Beverage
22BlistexPersonal Care
23Blue BunnyFood & Beverage
24Blue DiamondFood & Beverage
25Bolthouse FarmsFood & Beverage
26Breyer’sFood & Beverage
27Bumble BeeFood & Beverage
28Burt’s BeesPersonal Care
29Bush BeansFood & Beverage
30Campbell’sFood & Beverage
31CarefreePersonal Care
32CarmexPersonal Care
33Carpet FreshHousehold
35CetaphilPersonal Care
37Chef BoyardeeFood & Beverage
38Celestial SeasoningsFood & Beverage
39Challenge DairyFood & Beverage
40ChiquitaFood & Beverage
41ChobaniFood & Beverage
42Clean & ClearPersonal Care
44Coffee Mate CreamersFood & Beverage
45ColgatePersonal Care
46Comet CleanserHousehold
47Country CrockFood & Beverage
49Natures Path OrganicFood & Beverage
51CrestPersonal Care
52CriscoFood & Beverage
53CurelPersonal Care
54Daisy Dairy ProductsFood & Beverage
55DannonFood & Beverage
56Del MonteFood & Beverage
57DialPersonal Care
58Dixie Paper ProductsHousehold
59Dole FruitFood & Beverage
60DovePersonal Care
62Driscoll’s BerriesFood & Beverage
63Duck Brand TapeMiscellaneous
64Dunkin Donuts CoffeeFood & Beverage
66Earthbound Farm OrganicFood & Beverage
67Earth’s BestFood & Beverage
68Edys Ice CreamFood & Beverage
69Eggland’s Best EggsFood & Beverage
70EggoFood & Beverage
71Emerald NutsFood & Beverage
73Energizer BatteriesMiscellaneous
74EnsureHealth & Wellness
75ERA Laundry DetergentHousehold
76EucerinPersonal Care
77Fage YogurtFood & Beverage
78Famous AmosFood & Beverage
79Fast FixinFood & Beverage
81Fiber OneFood & Beverage
82Filippo BerioFood & Beverage
83Fisher BoyFood & Beverage
84Flintstones VitaminsHealth & Wellness
85Florida’s Natural JuiceFood & Beverage
86FolgersFood & Beverage
87French’s FoodsFood & Beverage
88Fresh ExpressFood & Beverage
89Fresh Step Cat LitterHousehold
90Frigo CheeseFood & Beverage
91FriskiesPet Care
92Frito LayFood & Beverage
93GatoradeFood & Beverage
94GerberFood & Beverage
95GhirardelliFood & Beverage
96GillettePersonal Care
97Goody Hair ProductsPersonal Care
98Gold BondPersonal Care
99Gorton’s FishFood & Beverage
100Green GiantFood & Beverage
101Head and ShouldersPersonal Care
102Heluva Good!Food & Beverage
103Herbal EssencesPersonal Care
104HersheysFood & Beverage
105Hidden Valley Ranch DressingFood & Beverage
106Hillshire FarmsFood & Beverage
108Honest TeaFood & Beverage
109Horizon DairyFood & Beverage
110HormelFood & Beverage
111HuggiesPersonal Care
112Hungry JackFood & Beverage
113HuntsFood & Beverage
114Iams Pet FoodPet Care
115Imagine SoupsFood & Beverage
116International Delight CreamerFood & Beverage
117JergensPersonal Care
118JifFood & Beverage
119JohnsonvilleFood & Beverage
120Jose OleFood & Beverage
121Juicy JuiceFood & Beverage
122KashiFood & Beverage
123KC MasterpieceFood & Beverage
124Kellogg’s CerealsFood & Beverage
125Ken’s DressingsFood & Beverage
126Kettle ChipsFood & Beverage
127Kid Cuisine MealsFood & Beverage
128King Arthur FlourFood & Beverage
129Kingsford CharcoalMiscellaneous
130King’s Hawaiian BakeryFood & Beverage
132KotexPersonal Care
133Kozy ShackFood & Beverage
134Kraft Sliced CheeseFood & Beverage
135KrusteazFood & Beverage
136Knorr Side DishesFood & Beverage
137Lance CrackersFood & Beverage
138Land O LakesFood & Beverage
139Late July Organic SnacksFood & Beverage
140Lean CuisineFood & Beverage
141Lea & PerrinsFood & Beverage
143Lindsay OlivesFood & Beverage
144Lipton TeaFood & Beverage
145Lloyd’s BBQFood & Beverage
146Lucky LeafFood & Beverage
147Luna BarsFood & Beverage
148Luvs DiapersPersonal Care
150Mahatma RiceFood & Beverage
151Malt-o-Meal CerealsFood & Beverage
152Marcal Small StepsHousehold
153Maybelline CosmeticsPersonal Care
154MazolaFood & Beverage
155McCormickFood & Beverage
156Meow MixPet Care
158Minute MaidFood & Beverage
159Mission TortillasFood & Beverage
160Mom’s Best NaturalsFood & Beverage
161Morning Star FarmsFood & Beverage
162MotrinHealth & Wellness
163MottsFood & Beverage
164Mountain High YogurtFood & Beverage
165Mrs. DashFood & Beverage
166Mt. Olive PicklesFood & Beverage
167Muir GlenFood & Beverage
168NabiscoFood & Beverage
169Newman’s OwnFood & Beverage
170Nature ValleyFood & Beverage
171Nestle Pure Life WaterBeverages
172Nestle Toll HouseFood & Beverage
173NeutrogenaPersonal Care
174New York Brand Frozen ProductsFood & Beverage
175Nexcare BandagesHealth & Wellness
176Nivea ProductsPersonal Care
177No Yolks NoodlesFood & Beverage
178O-Cello SpongesHousehold
179Ocean Spray JuiceBeverages
180Ocean Spray CranberriesFood & Beverage
181Old El PasoFood & Beverage
182Old Orchard JuiceBeverages
183OrajelHealth & Wellness
184Oral-BPersonal Care
185Organic ValleyFood & Beverage
186OGXPersonal Care
187OroweatFood & Beverage
189Pace FoodsFood & Beverage
190Palermo’s PizzaFood & Beverage
191PampersPersonal Care
192PantenePersonal Care
193ParkayFood & Beverage
194Pedigree Dog FoodPet Care
195Pepperidge FarmsFood & Beverage
196Perdue ChickenFood & Beverage
197Persil ProClean Household
198Peter Pan Peanut ButterFood & Beverage
199Pinnacle Food & Beverage
201Pompeian Olive OilFood & Beverage
202POM WonderfulBeverages
203Pop TartsFood & Beverage
204Post ItMiscellaneous
205Precious CheeseFood & Beverage
206Prego SaucesFood & Beverage
208PurinaPet Care
209Quaker OatsFood & Beverage
210Quilted Northern Bath TissueHousehold
211RaguFood & Beverage
212Rayovac BatteriesMiscellaneous
213Red Gold TomatoesFood & Beverage
214Rembrandt Tooth whitening Personal Care
215Revlon CosmeticsPersonal Care
216Rhodes RollsFood & Beverage
217Pasta RoniFood & Beverage
218Right GuardPersonal Care
219Ritz CrackersFood & Beverage
220Ronzoni PastaFood & Beverage
221R.W. KnudsenBeverages
222Sara Lee BreadFood & Beverage
223Sargento CheeseFood & Beverage
224Schick RazorsPersonal Care
225SecretPersonal Care
226Scoop AwayPet Care
227Scotch BriteHousehold
228Scott Paper ProductsHousehold
229Scotties TissuesHousehold
230Scrubbing BubblesHousehold
231Sea Pak ShrimpFood & Beverage
232Seventh GenerationHousehold
234Skippy Peanut ButterFood & Beverage
235Slim FastHealth & Wellness
237SmithfieldFood & Beverage
238Smucker’sFood & Beverage
239StonyfieldFood & Beverage
240Tidy CatsPet Care
241Totino’sFood & Beverage
242Tree Top JuiceBeverages
243TRESemmePersonal Care
244TylenolHealth & Wellness
245TysonFood & Beverage
246Uncle Ben’sFood & Beverage
247Xtra Laundry DetergentHousehold
248YocrunchFood & Beverage
249Welch'sFood & Beverage
250Zatarain’sFood & Beverage
251ZicamHealth & Wellness
253ZyrtecHealth & Wellness

Tips for Maximizing Your Savings with Mailed Coupons

Now that you're armed with a list let's talk strategy.

Coupons are great, but using them wisely? That's where the real magic happens. First off, patience is key.

Wait for a sale, then whip out that coupon to maximize your discount. Organize your coupons by expiration date; you don't want to miss out on a deal because a coupon slipped through the cracks.

And here's a golden nugget: consider shopping at stores that double coupons. It's like hitting the savings jackpot! Remember, it's not just about collecting coupons; it's about using them smartly to stretch every dollar.

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Other Ways to Save

While free coupons by mail are a fantastic way to save, they're just one piece of the savings puzzle. In today's digital age, countless other methods exist to keep those hard-earned dollars in your pocket.

Think about cashback apps that reward you for everyday purchases or digital coupon platforms that offer instant savings at checkout.

Loyalty programs? They're a goldmine for exclusive deals and offers.

And don't forget about good old-fashioned price comparison.

Sometimes, the best deal isn't tied to a coupon at all.

Diversify your savings strategy, and you'll be amazed at how those small savings quickly add up!

Got a Savings Story? We're All Ears!

Alright, fellow savers, we've journeyed through the world of free coupons by mail and explored other savvy ways to save.

Now, it's over to you!

Have you had success with a brand that's not on our list?

Or maybe you've got a killer couponing tip you're itching to share?

Dive into the comments below, and let's get the conversation rolling. And hey, if you found this guide helpful, why not share it with your friends and family?

After all, there are enough savings to go around. Let's spread the love and keep those mailboxes and wallets full!

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