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Maestro: Stores that accept Maestro for payments

Available in more than 210 territories in the world, with at least 8 million merchants in the U.S. alone and a 31.3% market share, MasterCard is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the money transfer sector. In 1991, MasterCard introduced Maestro debit and prepaid cards as an addition to its brand.

Maestro debit cards and prepaid cards are available at associate banks.

You’ll need to link the debit card to your current or savings account to start using it. Prepaid cards, which come with a predetermined spending limit, on the other hand, don’t need a bank account to operate.

You can use the cards anywhere MasterCard is accepted, including at Point of Sales to make an in-store purchase and associate ATMs to withdraw cash. You can even use the Maestro card to make online payments, but keep in mind that this will depend on the associate bank.

Online Stores that Accept Maestro Cards

The following is a list of the popular online stores that allow you to use a Maestro debit card to make payments: 

1ASOSClothing, Accessories, Shoes, Sunglasses
2Shoe ZoneShoes
4AdidasClothing, Sports clothing, Shoes
5Secret SalesJewelry
7OBJKTS JewelryJewelry
8H SamuelJewelry
9Ernest JonesJewelry
10Daimond RocksJewelry
11Cornell JewellersJewelry
12House of BlingFurniture, Home Decor, Mattresses
13DellLaptops, Computers
14EbayComputers, Laptops, TV's, Glasses, Electronics
15GeekbuyingElectronics, Laptops, Computers
16Marks & SpencerMen's & Women's clothing, Food, Wine, Flowers, Furniture
17ZafulClothing, Shoes
18RoseweJewelry, Shoes, Clothing
19Geox Shoes USShoes
20ZavviClothing, Toys
21RomweClothing, Jewelry, Shoes
22River IslandClothing, Jewelry, Shoes
23Pretty Little ThingClothing, Glasses, Sunglasses, Shoes
24Foot AsylumShoes, Jewelry, Clothing
25Princess PollyShoes, Jewelry, Clothing
26KiwiFlights, Hotels
27KayakFligths, Hotels

Categories of stores where you can pay with Maestro:

Maestro vs MasterCard: How Do They Compare?

While Maestro is a brand of debit and prepaid cards issued by MasterCard, it differs from MasterCard branded cards in terms of type, rate of interest, the maximum limit, and transactions confirmation.

Here’s a table that shows exactly how these two types of cards, albeit being from the same company, differ from one another.

 Maestro CardMasterCard
TypeMaestro card is a debit cardMasterCard can come in the form of a credit card, debit card, or a prepaid card
Transaction ConfirmationYou will need a pin to confirm a financial transactionYou will need a signature to confirm a financial transaction
Maximum LimitThe maximum spending limit on a Maestro card is the total balance available in your bank accountThe maximum spending limit on a MasterCard will depend on a few factors, such as the type of card a customer holds.  
Interest RateMaestro debit cards attract a lower rate of interest and are therefore better than MasterCard cardsMasterCard branded cards charge a higher rate of interest in all financial transactions 

It’s easy to confuse MasterCard with Maestro card and vice versa because the same company issues them. So we hope that the comparison table able makes the difference between the two cards very clear to you. 

How to Use a Maestro Card Online

You can use your Maestro debit card to make international purchases online by entering your Maestro Card number, account name, expiration date, and security code.

  • Select the products you want to buy online, add them to the shopping cart, and then click the checkout or continue button.
  • Select MasterCard from the "Card Type" on the payment options section. 
  • Enter the name as it appears on your Maestro Card, followed by the Maestro Card number. Fill out the expiration date of the card in the relevant input box, followed by the three-digit security code printed at the back.
  • Check the information you've provided to ensure you entered the correct details and them complete the transaction.

Note that Maestro card is a debit card. So make sure the card has sufficient balance before you attempt to do a transaction online. 


Thousands of retailers around the world accept Maestro cards. So whether you want to make contactless payments, withdraw cash at ATMs, or do a PIN-verified transaction, a Maestro card can be a good option to consider. Given that it’s powered by MasterCard, you can use the Maestro card anywhere MasterCard is accepted.