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NYCE: Stores that accept NYCE for payments

NYCE Payments Network is a powerful network that enables customers to make real-time payments through a secure, adaptable payments infrastructure customized to the changing demands.

With access to the most comprehensive portfolio of payment solutions in the industry and more than 52,000 global professionals dedicated to advancing its technology, NYCE continues to capitalize on the efficiency, convenience, and safety of real-time electronic payments.

NYCE offers a number of benefits to its cardholders, including:

  • ATM services, which are available at more than 90% of ATMS in the United States and U.S. military locations.
  • Ability to make card payments at more than a million retail locations in the United State
  • Buying products from popular merchants such as Amazon
  • Making instant payment online at thousands of business across the U.S

You have quick access to your bank accounts with NYCE and your debit card, enabling easy, reliable payment services whenever you want to check your balance, withdraw cash, transfer funds, make purchases, or pay your bills.

Categories of stores where you can pay with NYCE:

Major Retailers that Work with NYCE Payments Network

Here are some major retailers that allow you to make payments with your NYCE card: 

Benefits of Using NYCE Payments Network

ATM Solutions

You can use your NYCE card to access money from your deposit account or credit line at any ATM that supports NYCE. Apart from withdrawing money, you can use the same ATM machine to:

  • Transfer money between accounts of the same financial institution. You can transfer money between savings and checking accounts or from an unsecured credit line to a checking account. 
  • Check the balance in your savings or checking account. You can have the balance displayed on the screen or printed for you on an ATM receipt.
  • Deposit money directly into your personal account at any ATM that participates in the NYCE’s Shared Deposit program.

Cardless Cash

NYCE Cardless Cash technology allows you to enjoy a faster, safer, and more convenient ATM transaction. You can use this innovative function to pre-order a cash withdrawal from your mobile banking app and retrieve the cash at a participating NYCE ATM using your smartphone’s QR code scanner.

Cardless Cash is secure and difficult for even the most malicious hacker to breach. The technology uses a first-rate cloud security model to protect your identifiable payment information, so you never have to worry about card-related frauds.

Risk Management Solution for Consumer Protection

NYCE uses a real-time RM system to analyze incoming transactions to aid in the detection of suspicious debit card activity. The system makes real-time decision based on Falcon Fraud ratings and may block potentially fraudulent transactions as they occur.

To improve the existing fraud strategy even further, NYCE may supply these scores to an issuer's electronic fund transfer processor.  In such cases, NYCE notifies suspected counterfeit cards to issuers so you may take action before losses occur.


NYCE Payments Network allows you to do more than withdrawing money from selected ATMs and shopping at stores where NYCE cards are accepted. You can also use the service to make just in time payments for bills such as insurance premiums, electricity, rent satellite radio and TV, water supply, waste services, and fuel purchases.

Every NYCE payment that make complete in real time, so there are no late fees or interest charges. NYCE doesn’t require you to set a PIN when paying your bills because you have an existing relationship with the biller, but they do protect your personal and transitional requests for security purposes.