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Wire Transfer: Stores that accept Wire Transfer for payments

The electronic transfer of money between entities allows people separated by the distance around the globe to send and receive payment across geographical locations without ever having to make physical contacts.

Also known as wire transfer, this method of transaction involves passing monetary information, such as recipient account number, personal identity, and the amount of money involved, between two banks.

The following are some of the popular online stores that allow you to make payments through wire transfer:

1Wonder JewelersJewelry
2Rare CaratJewelry
6AtWork office furnitureFurniture
8GeekbuyingCell phones, Clothing, Computers, Electronics, Furniture, Jewelry, Laptops, Watches
9Digital stormCpmputers, Laptops
10WayfairFurniture, Home decor, Kitchen appliances
11BH Photo VideoCamera, Cell phones, Computers, Tablets, TV's, Laptops
12ZafulClothing, Shoes
13Authentic WatchesJewelry, Watches

Categories of stores where you can pay with Wire Transfer:

How Does Wire Transfer Work?

Wire transfer requires that you contact your bank directly to initiate a transaction. The bank will ask you to provide them with the recipient’s information such as their name, account number, zip code, and routing number. Once you send this information, your bank will reserve the funds and settle the payment with the other bank on the backend without ever requiring you to make contact with the recipient.

There are two types of wire transfers: domestic and international.

  • Domestic wire transfer: Funds leave your account and arrives to the recipient’s the same day. Transaction costs vary from state to state, with the standard charges being approximately $25 per transaction. Because you’re transferring funds directly from your account, they do not need time to clear, and, as such, the recipient often gets the money instantly.
  • International wire transfer: Requires clearance by a clearinghouse and the foreign country’s processing system. As such, the processing can last several days. As for the transaction fee, you’ll pay $43 to transfer money from the United State to another country, and the receiving bank can charge between $8 and $10 from the total amount of money wired.

Note that in a wire transfer, the sender pays the transaction fee, which the bank usually deducts before transferring money to the receiving bank account. And depending on the receiving bank, there might be hidden charges that add to the overall cost of the transaction.

How to Use Wire Transfer

You can use wire transfer to do two things: send and/or receive money:

Sending Money

To send money from your bank account to another, you’ll need to get the wire instructions from the recipient of the receiving account. You will then submit the wire instruction to your bank, alongside the amount of money you’d like to send as well as the total charges. The bank will also ask you to fill out a wire transfer form, which can be either an online form or a printed copy of the same.

Receiving Money

If you would like to receive funds via wire transfer, you will need to provide your bank account details to the sender alongside the incoming wire instructions provided by your bank. Once the sender receives and confirms the information, their bank will initiate the transaction and send money to your account. You can expect to get money in your account within the same day or after 3 to 7 business days depending on the type of wire transfer.

Advantages of Wire Transfer

  • Domestic wire transfers take a few seconds to reflect
  • Wire transfer is as safer alternative to sending a check

Disadvantages of Wire Transfer

  • It can be hard to verify the recipient and therefore not know whether the right person received the money.
  • Wire transfers are difficult to reverse because providers don’t provide an easy option for you to do so.


Because it’s safer than sending checks, a wire transfer can be a more convenient way to send and receive money. That’s so provided you’re sure the wire transfer details that you provide your bank with are accurate.